Sanitation and primary healthcare in India are two critical challenges that require immediate and urgent attention.

AM Foundation

The AM Foundation's CSR initiatives are focused on providing well-planned sanitation systems and setting up primary healthcare centers for the well-being of people in rural areas.

India has the largest number of people practising open-defecation in the world. To end this scenario and achieve the primary objective of the Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat campaign, we are working closely with professional NGOs to create better and well-planned sanitation systems, and also collaborating with reputed global technology providers in procuring ecological toilets that can turn what is normally seen as waste into safe compost and fertiliser.

In the area of healthcare, our current focus is on setting up and running primary healthcare centers in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. Special care is being given to nutrition and immunization.


"To play a prominent role in delivering primary healthcare to the society by delivering a cleaner, healthier and better life in the communities we operate."


"To focus on the establishment of primary healthcare centres and also address the pre-requisites for primary health such as safe water, basic sanitation & hygiene, nutrition, immunization and education."